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Wonderful driver and tour guide

Bill and I can not thank you enough for our wonderful driver and tour guide, John. He was amazingly accommodating. We all were very impressed. Bill lost his “man purse” in Newark, NJ. and he was so stressed to start with but John, at my request, was able to get blood pressure meds for him, which was, of course, in the lost item. John met everyone’s needs without a missed beat. We all had a great time and thank John for making the trip so special. What a  tender, kind, thoughtful man. He knew he had a tough group. Men and women, what can I say! He rose to the occasion. He can be our driver anytime. 

Ireland is like a second home for us. Both of us would move there if we weren’t so attached to our own home. 

Many thanks for such a wonderful man as John as our driver. 


Bill and Eleanor Coalson

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